How Exploring Education plays a vital role in your SAT exam prep.

We at Exploring Education empanel highly experienced trainers, who ensure quality delivery to students and thoroughly commit to your success.

Our trainers are trained in the latest testing trends & strategies.

At Exploring Education we have an entire team of highly experienced and engaging test prep specialists who are always looking at making things easier for our students to crack SAT.

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Reason to join Exploring Education


Our personalized one on one service is available throughout the world.

Our Trainers help you prepare for the SAT test and pay personal attention so that our students achieve the best scores.

We conduct Mock tests to understand the progress of our students.

Mock tests also helps the student understand the test pattern and gives the student a feeler of the SAT testing system.

Mode of Preparation

Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring - Live Tutoring one on one Online Tutoring.

Online Tutoring

Centre Tutoring - Live Tutoring one on one Centre Tutoring.

Online Tutoring

Home Tutoring - Live Tutoring one on one Home Tutoring

Online Tutoring

Group Batch (6 students)

Course Content

The course consist of all the sections of the exam
Verbal Book
Quant Book


We offer you flexible timings for your classes as per the availability of the schedule.

The course duration for training is flexible and also depends upon the student’s requirement & trainers suggestion.

After a detailed discussion with the student, our experienced trainers will suggest you the required number of hours to complete your SAT preparation course.

Test Paper Solving

Solving test papers is the best practice and will help the student and the trainer understand each other better.

Unlimited test paper solving will assure that our students achieve the highest scores and get into their dream university.

Doubt Solving

We offer unlimited doubt solving sessions.

Success of our students and getting our students into top university is our goal which we assure to achieve together.

Come and join hands with us and we together will help you achieve your Dream.


What is SAT?

The SAT is a college entrance exam that many colleges and universities in the United States use as part of the college admissions process. Looking for basic information about the SAT test format? We've got it!

SAT Basics

The SAT is a standardized test that measures a student's skills in three core areas: Critical Reading, Math, and Writing. Students in grades 11 and 12 take the SAT so that they can submit their scores to colleges as part of the college application process


$52.5 (approx.) plus $42 (Non-U.S. Regional Fee)

For subject tests, an additional $26 as basic subject test fee

For SAT subject tests, some additional fee might be required.


SAT test results are typically released within 4-5 weeks of the test administration and can be viewed online. Students can choose to send their test scores to colleges of their choice. They also have the option to cancel their test score or withhold them from being sent to certain colleges.

SAT Format

The SAT is composed of three main sections — Math, Evidence-Based Reading, and Writing. There is an optional 50-minute essay, and total testing time with the essay is 3 hours and 50 minutes. The breakdown of each remaining section can be found in the table below.

Section Sub-Section Total Testing Time & Breakdown Number of Questions & Types Content/Skills Covered
Evidence-Based Reading & Writing Reading 65 Minutes 52 reading and vocabulary in context
  Writing 35 Minutes 44 grammar and usage
Math 80 minutes; 1 55-minute calculator-optional section and 1 25-minute no-calculator sectiond 58 heart of algebra, problem solving & data analysis, passport to advanced math, additional topics (geometry, trigonometry and pre-calculus)

Together we can achieve our goal of getting into the best university.


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